Bahrain: Arab Network urges Bahrain’s king to intervene to release the body of the martyr Mahmoud Jaziri for his family

Cairo March 4, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces today, the use of the excessive force by the Bahraini security forces against the peaceful demonstrations that took place in several areas in Bahrain and the arrest of some them.

The Bahraini security forces have dispersed several marches tried to access to Salmaniya Medical Complex, in a response to the call of the coalition of February 14 to denounce the detention of martyr “Mahmoud Jaziri”, who died after the security forces targeted him directly on February 14 by a tear gas bomb that hit him in the head and died days later, body by the interior ministry and his family didn’t receive it.

The demonstration was organized in the region of the old “Belad” in which rights and political figures have participated in and the security forces have arrested one of the participants. A similar demonstration was organized in the area of “Aly”. In Manama, a human chain has organized by groups of men and women but the security forces dispersed all demonstrations using tear gas bombs.

ANHRI said that, “the continued intransigence of the Bahraini security forces in the delivery of the body of the martyr Mahmoud Jaziri to his family, proving the desire of the security forces in increasing the confrontations with the demonstrators in order to find an excuse to repress the peaceful demonstrations and to say that the failure of the initiative of negotiations with the opposition is because of the political opposition of the regime Bahraini”.

ANHRI demands the Bahrain’s king to immediately intervene and hand over the body of the martyr to his family in addition to punish anyone involved in the detention of the body of the martyr and the intensification of the clashes between protesters and the security forces.

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