Capital Punishment
 in Kuwait

There has been a lot of debate about the pros and cons of capital punishment in the past few days which is why I wanted to take the time to explain capital punishment in the Kuwaiti law.

What is the procedure before getting capital punishment?

So an accused gets three trials, when he gets a guilty verdict in a trial he HAS to appeal. If he doesn’t appeal then the public prosecution will appeal the case. Before being sentenced with capital punishment an accused has to be proven guilty three times in three different trials made up of different judges. After three different guilty verdicts, the accused get sentenced to capital punishment. But, even then, capital punishment would not be executed unless the highest authority signs off on the sentence.

Who is exempted from capital punishment?

What are the crimes that you would get capital punishment for?

The below apply to everyone, Kuwaiti or non Kuwaiti, visa or no visa, pretty or ugly… as long as you committed the crime in Kuwait.

– Murder, deliberate + premeditated by il will (Article 150 with a def in Article 151)

– Any person that kidnaps another person using force or threat or with the intent to kill, hurt or rape (Article 180)

– Sexual intercourse with a female without her consent and the accused was related to the girl, or was her teacher, her caretaker or her servant. (Article 186)

– Sexual intercourse with a female with her consent but the female is not mentally stable and the accused knew this or if the girl was under 15 years of age. In both cases the accused was related to the girl, or was her teacher, her caretaker or her servant. (Article 187)

– Capital punishment found in other Kuwaiti laws
 like national security crimes (treason for example)

– For growing, selling, buying or importing or exporting drugs the accused might get capital punishment. But, if you add any of the following points as well then the accused will get capital punishment:

1) The drug is cocaine, heroine, Acetyldihydrocodeine and Codeine

2) You’re a public employee
3) Used a minor to help with the drug crime

4) Its the accused 2nd time convicted of either growing, selling, buying or importing or exporting drugs

The above is based on the Kuwaiti law and not my opinion. If there is anything that isn’t clear leave a comment below and I will try to clarify it.

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