Egypt: ANHRI Demands the Authorities to Quickly Reveal the Place of the Kidnapped Journalist Fearing that his Life Could be in Risk

Cairo February 24, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), expresses it severe concerns to the disappearance of Mohamed El-Sawyi, the journalist in Masrawy, who was kidnapped on Wednesday February 20, 2013, according to his fiancée.

Mohamed El-Sawyi is a journalist working in Masrawy website, he left the house of his sister in Dar El-Salam in Cairo in his way to 10th of Ramadan city, where his fiancée lived, but he disappeared since then and non of the attempts of his family members or colleagues to find him in the hospitals and police stations without knowing any information, while his fiancée received a telephone call from him on Thursday 21 February, in which he asserted on that he was kidnapped from the station of 10th of Ramdan and asked her to report to the police.

ANHRI said that “the circumstances surrounded the disappearance of El-Sawyi, call for concerns fearing that his life could be in risk, which requires the authorities to intensify its efforts to reach his place and reveal the identity of the kidnappers”.

ANHRI repeatedly expressed its severe annoyance regarding the escalation of targeting the journalists and media-professionals in different forms of assaults on the background of their work, which threatens that Egypt will join the list of the most dangerous countries of journalistic work. ANHRI noted that the lack of transparency regarding the work of the security bodies and not revealing the names of who were arrested especially when the arrest include procedurals violations that provided in the law; still common exercise which lead to more confusion that could be added to the suffer of who disappeared, as their doubts directed toward the official investigations before any other place.

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