Egypt: ANHRI Denounces the Deny an Entry of a Bahrain Activist by the Egyptian Authorities

Cairo March 2, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the deny an entry of a Bahraini activist without clear reasons, in a persistence of Egyptian regimes hostile to the rights’ activity.

The Egyptian authorities, on night of Friday March 1, 2013, prevented the Bahraini writer, political activist and the member of the Shura member of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain- the most prominent political opposition movements in Bahrain- “Ramala Abdulhamid”, from entering Egypt after scanning her documents and detention her in the Airport authorities for three hours before deporting her to Bahrain again; without clear reasons.

The preventing of the female activist from entering the persistent of preventing the Arab political and rights’ activities from entering the Egyptian territories. As the authorities prevented the rights’ activist “Mariam El-Jhawajah” in April 2012 from entering the country before some of the civil society organizations be in solidarity with  her until she was able to enter the country. In August the same thing repeated with her but this time she didn’t enter. In addition to held and preventing the rights’ advocate “Nabil Rajab” and his deportation from the country, after the fail of the attempts of the activists and the lawyers to convince the authorities to let him in during April 2012.

ANHRI said that “the determination of the Egyptian authorities to prevent the Arab political and rights’ activists from entering its territories without reasons, is a continuation to the policies of the department of security of the state that was existed before the revolution of January 25th, which is totally refused and the dictatorship regimes adopted it, which is not suitable with Egypt after the revolution”.

ANHRI added that “the authorities must clarify the reasons behind the prevention of the activist on transparency basis, as the Bahraini regime, which exert all the efforts to repress the Bhariani people, sends list of the political activists and opposition to the allied countries to prevent them from entering their territories. In this frame, on last week, Bahriani media-professionals and journalists were prevented from entering UAE without reasons. Egypt, aftermath, the revolution must not be a member in this repressive coalition, that aims to harass the activists and rights’ advocates from different Arab nationalities.
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