Egypt: Hassan Mustapha from Mubarak’s Prisons to Morsi’s Prisons on Trumped up Charges

Cairo March 14, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces today the unfair sentence issued by Manshiayah Misdemeanor Court I on last Tuesday of two years imprisonment to the political activist “Hassan Mustapha” on the background of the clashes that took place in front of the court last January as a result of the protests that were demanding retribution for for the Egyptian revolution’s martyrs.

The public prosecution pressed against him the charges of assaulting “Ahmed Darwish”, the deputy of the general attorney, during interrogating 27 protesters who were arrested by the security bodies during the clashes that took place around the criminal court and Alexandria Security Directorate.

It is worthy to be mentioned that, a similar charges were trumped up against him at the time of Mubarak and he was sentenced to two months imprisonment due to that.

ANHRI said that “the activist played a pivotal role in exposing the case of torturing “Khaled Saaed” until death. In addition to his significant oppositions to the authorities, that didn’t stop even after the success of overthrowing Mubarak, so it is likely that the charges that pressed on him were due to using his legitimate right to freedom of expression in order to silence him”.

At the time that ANHRI announce its full solidarity with the activist, it also demands from the authorities to release the activist and reconsider the sentence issued against him through the legal means.

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