Great Things Come in Small Packages, Big Ones Too!

DSC01611For the first time in the Middle East, Fiesta and Guinness World Records announced today the launch of the Guinness World Records Festival for children, sponsored by the Child and Maternity Kuwaiti Association, in the presence of the official representatives of the Guinness World Records Group, as well as the presence of the tallest man and shortest woman in the world.


DSC01599    DSC01594

DSC01606  DSC01605

DSC01610   DSC01617

    DSC01624            DSC01620

Tallest Man: Ibrahim from Morroco, 31 years old with a stunning height of 2.46 cm, weighing 146 KG.

Shortest Woman: Jyoti from India, 20 years old weighing JUST 5 KG and an adorable height of 61 cm.

Please visit us on YouTube to view a small clip of today’s press conference:

Thanks Fiesta for hosting such a great Event!

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