Hannayome’s Wedding Exhibition 2013

hywe-005-1I received a very cute invitation to attend Hannayome‘s s Wedding Exhibition in Al-Hamra mall which opened yesterday. I passed by and it was extremely crowded with live music and singers. With the women all dressed up and chatting together, it did feel like I’ve attended a wedding reception. I managed to get a few decent shots though.


Wedding ring from Yara’s Jewellery.


Macaroons and giveaways from boutique fauchon.



Um Kalthoom’s perfumes collection.


Baraka by Salah Zamani‘s new project venture, designing wedding seating areas or “Koosha” as we call them in Kuwait. Very different indeed and very colourful.


Al-Dazzah for Dazza box designs, very nice and elegant. Dazza is the gift given by the groom to his bride in Kuwait and usually comes in boxes filled with different gifts like jewellery, dowry money, perfumes, and other supplies the bride needs.


Wedding cakes by The November Bakery. So good looking they shouldn’t be eaten.


Beautiful flower arrangements by Au nom de la rose.


Thank you Hannayome for extending the invitation. Hannayome’s wedding exhibition will be in Al-Hamra mall until Thursday 14 March 2013. Working hours are from 10 A.M. until 1 P.M and 5 P.M. until 10 P.M. and they also have a website were you can use to make arrangements for your upcoming wedding/reception party (link) and you can also follow them on instagram (@Hannayome).

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