How does mobile number transfer between operators work?


I’m still getting many queries and doubts regarding the mobile number transfer between operators Zain, Viva & Wataniya Telecom (or should I say ooredoo?), first let me say that it’s 90% confirmed that mobile number transfer will start by mid of April (15th), so that’s only 2 weeks from today. Now I’ll briefly explain how the process will go and what are the rules and regulations so bear with me:

  • Client wishing to transfer his/her number must pay his phone bills if they exceed KD30.
  • Client should apply an application for the operator that he/she wishes to transfer to.
  • The transfer shall complete within 24hrs.
  • The operator cannot reject client’s right to transfer his/her number to any competing operator.
  • Client maintain his/her right to choose between pre-paid/post-paid plan in the new operator.
  • The charge for transfer is KD3 and the new operator can waive it (as in marketing purposes).
  • Client can apply for a transfer every 30 days.
  • Client will be given a new sim card with the same number when the transfer is completed.

Example: Say a client wants to transfer his/her mobile number from operator X to operator Y, then the client must go to the head office of operator Y and apply for a number transfer application making sure to bring along his/her valid civil ID card so that the transfer can complete within 24hrs. However, the client must make sure that his/her phone bill is settled (if it exceeds KD30) to operator X before he/she goes to operator Y, but if the bill is less than KD30 then the outstanding amount will be transferred to operator Y so that he/she can pay them later. The client must also be aware that remaining balance (as in minutes, messages, megabytes MB’s) in his/her old operator X will not be transferred/refunded by operator Y.

Let me also emphasize that the old operator must not charge the client for anything, also old operator cannot withhold the client even if his/her contract isn’t yet expired or completed, also it shouldn’t use client’s private information for any purposes what so ever. The only confusing part in my opinion is the tariff system, as I understood that once the client has completed transferring the number to another operator then he/she will be notified when making a call to another network. So any questions? Anyone’s excited?

Read the regulations in Arabic language here [link] رابط اللغة العربية

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