Human rights organizations condemn the continual arrest of George Abdullah by the French authorities a violation of the law

The undersigned human rights institutions expressed, in this joint statement, today great concern about the challenge of the French authorities to the law and disrespect of the human rights values, charter, and principles, over the continued detention of Lebanese George Ibrahim Abdallah, detained in France since October 24, 1984.


On January 10th, 2013, the French judiciary issued a ruling to release him under the condition of deporting him from French territory, but the French authorities are still holding Abdullah at the request of the U.S. administration without announcing any reasons or details.


The undersigned organizations demand the immediate release of George Ibrahim Abdallah unconditionally, out of respect for the principle to respect the provisions of customary justice first, and not to be detained rights without legal justification,  and believe that the continued detention constitutes a violation of France’s International obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, in which France was one of States Parties, specifically materials (9, 14, 19, 21 and 22) , This is also a clear violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations on December 10th, 1948, and specifically in the materials (3, 5, 7 and 9).


We would also like to remind the French authorities that this action contradicts with the Committee’s recommendations on human rights in its eighty-fourth cycle, July 2005, specifically the sixth paragraph on violating International Covenant provisions about Political and civil Rights, and that the arrest violates the provisions of human rights set forth in the major human rights written documents and that France pledged to protect and apply, as there is no legal basis for the deprivation of liberty under any justification.


We also call for the Lebanese government to communicate with the French government for the release of the detainees George Ibrahim Abdullah being a Lebanese citizen, and the responsibility of the Lebanese state is to protect the rights of its citizens wherever they are in the world.


The undersigned organizations also expresses concern about the silence of most international and regional actors about the continual detention of George Ibrahim Abdullah by the French authorities, demanding urgent and effective action to contribute to his release.


The name of human rights organizations signed


1.    The Arab Commission for Human Rights – Paris


2.       Civil Alliance for Human Rights, )including 70 Association ( Egypt


3.       Network Iraqi human rights organizations (including 53 human rights organizations) / Iraq


4.       National Civil Forum (including more than 50  organizations) / Sudan


5.       Gathers for the voluntary bodies in Lebanon (including 12 organizations) / Lebanon


6.       Jordanian Network for civil society organizations (including 16 organizations) / Jordan


7.       Moroccan League for the Defense of Human Rights / Morocco


8.       Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center / Palestine


9.       Maat for Peace, Development, and Human Rights / Egypt


10.   Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights / Algeria


11.   Yemen Organization for Defending Rights and Democratic Freedoms / Yemen


12.   Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria


13.   Mauritanian Association for Development and Human Rights / Mauritania


14.  Al-Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture/ Lebanon


15.   Amman Center for Human Rights Studies [ACHRS] / Jordan


16.   Arab Penal Reform Organization / Syria


17.   Venus Organization for Iraqi women / Iraq


18.   Aman Network for  Rehabilitation and Defending Human Rights/ Lebanon


19.   Electronic Press Association / Jordan


20.   Palestinian Human Rights Foundation (Monitor)/ Palestine


21.   Phenix Center for Economic & Informatics Studies / Jordan


22.   Jordanian Labor Observatory / Jordan


23.   Adaleh Center For Human Rights Studies / Jordan


24.   Jordanian Authority for the culture of democracy/ Jordan


25.   Human and Environmental Observatory / Jordan


26.   Mauritanian Association for the Promotion Rights / Mauritania


27.   Ibn Sina Association to treat the sick and afflicted / Mauritania


28.   Human Rights and Democracy Media Centers SHAMS/ Palestine


29.   Albadeel center for studies and research / Jordan


30.   Iraqi Alliance Against the Death Penalty/ Iraq


31.   AL-Rafidain Center for Ensuring Human Rights / Iraq


32.   Bahrain Transparency Society / Bahrain


33.   Yemeni Women’s Union / Apain


34.   National Organization for Combat of Human Trafficking / Yemen


35.    Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights / Palestine


36.   Aljthour Society for Citizens’ Rights/ Jordan


37.   Hammurabi Organization for Monitoring Human Rights and Democracy / Iraq


38.   Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (observer) / Syria


39.   National Organization for Human Rights in Syria


40.   Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF / Syria


41.   The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria


42.   Kurdish Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria ) DAD(


43.   Syrian League for the Defense of Human Rights / Syria


44.   El- Nadim Center for the Management and Rehabilitation of victims of violence / Egypt


45.   Federation of Independent Trade Unions / Jordan


46.   Amman Forum Society for Human Rights / Jordan


47.   Lebanese Council of Women / Lebanon


48.   day laborers Committee/ Jordan


49.   The Lebanese Association for Human Rights / Lebanon


50.   The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Jordan


51.   Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development / Jordan


52.   Sudanese Development Call Organization (NIDAA) / Sudan


53.   Syrian platform for NGOs  (SPNGO )  / Syria


54.   Syrian Kurdish Centre for Documentation / Syria


55.   Syrian Coalition Against the Death Penalty  (SCODP) / Syria


56.   National Coordination for the Defense of missing in Syria


57.   Syrian Jurists Association for transitional justice and the rule of law/ Syria


58.   Syrian League for Freedom and fairness / Syria


59.   Syrian Center for Transitional Justice and enabled democracy / Syria


60.   Syrian Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture / Syria


61.   Syrian National Center for Democracy and Human Development / Syria


62.   National Center for the Study of Tolerance and Anti-Violence in Syria


63.   National Council for Human Rights in Syria (N.C.H.R.SY)


64.   Defend for prisoners of conscience in Syria – Rwankh


65.   Syrian Center for Human Rights / Syria


66.   The Palestinian Society for Human Rights (Monitor) / Lebanon


67.   Amnesty Egyptian Society of for human rights / Egypt


68.   Union qualitative constitutional rights awareness / Egypt


69.   The Lebanese Association for Human Rights / Lebanon


70.   Bahraini Observatory for Human Rights / Bahrain


71.   The Association of Dar Palestinian heritage and rights / Lebanon


72.   Committees democratic Palestine – Latin America / Human Rights Section


73.   Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law/ Norway


74.   Federal Palestinian – Chile / Commission on Human Rights


75.   International humanitarian law center and human rights / Yemen


76.   The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information / Egypt


77.   Madaba Foundation to support the development / Jordan


78.   National Observatory for Human voter / Morocco


79.   Center rule for Rights and Law / Palestine


80.   Alliance for Justice / Palestine


81.   legal development experts / Palestine


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