In the World Day of Social Justice, ANHRI Denounces the Continuation of the Violence of the State to Address the Worker’s Protests and Demands to Hold the Responsible for Dispersing the Sit-in of the Cement Factory Workers in Alexandria accountable

Cairo February 20, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said that “the world day of social justice, comes for the first time in the rein of the first elected president after the 25th revolution. The Egyptian state still using violence and force to address the Egyptian citizens exercising their rights to mass expression of the their opinions in addition to address the legitimate social demands of the workers instead of start discussing and searching with them for the ways to meet their legitimate demands”.

ANHRI strongly denounces the disperse of the sit-in, that was organized by the temporary workers in the Portland company in Alexandria in front of the administrative building of the company calling to be hired as their colleagues, by violence and excessive force.

The security forces have invaded the place of the sit-in, on the dawn of February 18, using police dogs to intimidate the sit-in and attacked them while they were sleeping the mosque. The forces also swore and beat them which resulted in 150 workers, at least 5 on a serious condition, and arrested other 87 workers.

ANHRI asserts on that the social justice comes at the top of the demands of the revolution and the authorities pledged repeatedly that they will improve the conditions of the poor and the workers but the authorities didn’t take any tangible step until now but on contrary the authorities increase the prices without increasing their pays.

Meanwhile, ANHRI asserts on that the right to sit-in and peaceful mass protest are guaranteed by the constitution, laws and international treaties and mayn’t be violated regardless the motivations, it calls the administrative and investigative bodies in Egypt to immediately investigate the assault on the workers of Alexandria and demands to hold the responsible accountable in order to stop the impunity state in Egypt, which predict of more violations to human rights.

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