Kuwait: ANHRI Demands an Immediate Clarification Regarding the Denying an Entry of a Qatari Writer from the Authorities

Cairo April 9, 2013
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), expresses its deep annoyance regarding the news reported to it related to the authorities adding the name of a Qatari journalist to the ban list on the background of writings and short blogs related to the democracy in Kuwait.
The writer “Abdulla Ibn Hamad Al-Athbah” the managing editor, of the Arab Qatari newspaper to ANHRI that “the authorities added his name to the ban list from entering its territory due to posts on his personal account via twitter and articles in the newspaper in which he criticized the Kuwaiti political figures’ policies toward the democracy that Kuwait, until recently, enjoys a wide part of it in comparison with the rest of the Gulf Region states.
Several media-outlets mentioned that the authorities added his name on the ban list from entering Kuwait while the Kuwaiti Political Newspaper reported the news related to banning him from entering Kuwait after reaching the Kuwaiti airport which was totally denied by the writer in the Kuwaiti newspapers and confirmed it in a phone call with ANHRI.
ANHRI said that “in case of the information regarding adding his name to the ban list were verified then it will be a clear violation to the right to movement which is ensured by the international treaties on human rights. It is also a persistent in the policy related to ban the writers and intellectuals from entering Kuwait due to expressing their opinions that annoy the authorities. The recent manifestation related to this policy is banning the female Saudi writer “Badreeah El-Beshir” from entering Kuwait at the end of 2012″.
ANHRI demands the authorities to issue an official statement regarding the fact of adding the name of the writer to the ban list and in case of the verifying of the news, the authorities must clarify the reasons related to banning him and lift his name from the travel ban”.
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