Kuwait: ANHRI Demands the Authorities to Drop all the Charges Pressed on a Journalistic Writer

Cairo February 21, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the decision issued by the court of appeal to imprison the writer “Zaid El-Zaid” for a month with labor on the background of the claim filed by the former minister “Abdulmohsen El-Meda’j” due to an article.

The Kuwaiti court of appeal in the hearing held on February 20, 2013, sentenced the editor-in chief and the writer of “Alan” electronic newspaper for a year with labor, on the background of an article wrote by him under the name of “corrupts talk about corruptions” on October 2011. The article wonders about how “El-Medaj” could speak in a seminar in which he represents the national coalition on the deposits corruption, while in the same time ignores the corruption of the general authority of investment as “El-Medaj” is a member in the board of the investment authority. He ignored the violations conducted by the managing director on the public funds which were documented by the youth of the authority in addition to the national coalition supported its secretary general “Salah El-Madaf” in the presidency of credit bank when they made him fly by parachute on the chair regardless the injustice conducted against who deserve it “Sayd El-Zafiri”. Moreover, their silence toward the scandal of emergency 2007 and their attempt to approve the deal of planes “Rafale” planes and their participation in several corruption deals.

Due to this article he was investigated on January 2012 and the court reviewed the case until the issue of the sentence of one month imprisonment on February 20, 2013.

ANHRI said that “the sentence issued against “Al-Zaid” on the background of a newspaper article, in which he criticized the corruption, despite non-mentioning the name of “Abdul-Mohsen El-Medaj” in addressing the corruption cases, is a severe setback in the press freedoms in Kuwait, which occupied the top list in 2012, according to reporters without borders report. Words shall be faced by words”.

ANHRI demands the authorities to drop all the charges pressed on “El-Zaid”, respect the press freedoms and halts the harassments conducted against the journalists and media-professionals”.

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