Kuwait Drift Club

photo (9)I never knew that we have a drifting club in Kuwait, a friend of mine was talking today about a weekly drifting event on the 7th Ring Road near the Gas Station where many rookie and skilled drifters from all over Kuwait come to enjoy drifting in a large open area that was assigned specifically for this purpose. The great news is that this drifting event is legal and safe because they have got the necessary permissions from the ministry and there are firefighters and ambulance at the site plus participants must put on a safety helmet, nice.

drift1213What’s more interesting is that there are supercars worth more than KD100,000 drifting too, I was checking the photos and spotted Lamborghini’s, Porsche GT, Mercedes-Benz SLR, Porsche Turbo (see above), that must be the most expensive drifting on earth! I simply can’t imagine how they don’t feel guilty drifting in these super expensive luxury supercars but I suspect they got the money to burn and I guess the crowd love to see million dinar drifting. It’s about time to have such legal and safe drifting events organized in Kuwait by an independent and recognized club.


My friend says they started this drifting event about a month ago and that they gather every Saturday at around 1:00 pm at the same location on 7th Ring Road to enjoy drifting and that there are special platforms for spectators. Kuwait Drift Club is a subsidiary of Kuwait 1/4 Mile Club, I’m glad they finally gave drifters the attention they need, at least this will help with late night unsafe drifting that blocks Kuwait streets. I hope they get all the support and funding they need to have a dedicated club for drifting, I also wish they do the same for racers and build a racing truck in Kuwait just like all other developed countries.

Thanks [Mazen][Aljaraisi][Mohammed]

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