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IMG_9227 (Large) (Medium)Whenever I drive toward Kuwait City I see Liberation Tower standing tall in the far horizon, as far as I remember it always impressed me since it was the tallest structure in Kuwait City until Al Hamra Tower came along. The intriguing part that I never had the chance to get inside Liberation Tower and see how it looks on the inside or how Kuwait City looks from the top of the tower because I always heard from friends that it needs special permission to get in.

This was the case until I finally decided to try to get to the top of Liberation Tower so I headed to the tower yesterday in the afternoon but they said the management isn’t there and that I should pass by in the early morning. So on the following day which happens to be yesterday I went to tower again and met with the management, I didn’t know what to say or how to explain the purpose of my visit but I went ahead and said “I’d really love to get to the top of the tower and enjoy the view of Kuwait City, is that ever possible?”. I could see the “weird look” on their faces when I said that but to cut things short I did tried really hard to persuade them to give me a permission, it wasn’t easy at all but at the end they agreed, bingo.

20130305_125904 (Medium)Later an engineer from Ministry of Telecom. has escorted me to the first dome which is 150m high, I wanted to go to the upper levels but obviously that wasn’t allowed by any means unless I got the “Super Wasta” which I don’t. Little about the Liberation Tower, it stand at 372m high and the construction started back in May 1981 and has been interrupted during the invasion 1990, later the reconstruction was resumed on January 1994 and was completed in 1996.

20130305_123702 (Medium)As I said the tower’s height is 372m and I think it’s currently the  21st tallest tower in the world, the lower part of the tower is made of armed concrete while the upper part is made of steel with antenna at 372m high. It’s currently used for telecommunication purposes, I remember I heard that there’s a revolving restaurant at 150m high plarform and that an an American investor will manage the restaurant.

20130305_130238 (Medium)I got excited as I got inside the high speed elevator which took less than a minute to reach 150m floor and as the door opened I saw an empty round revolving platform resembling that one of Kuwait Towers, sadly there was no restaurant and dome was totally empty. I asked about the restaurant but they said that Baladiya didn’t give the necessary permits as of yet, I hated Baladiya for that! Liberation Tower can be a great touristic attraction and having 360 degrees revolving restaurant overlooking Kuwait City is one awesome idea. I admit that I was kinda let down but anyway I know things are slow moving in Kuwait, I was walking around and enjoying Kuwait City skyline and using the auto-focus fixed telescopes to spot popular buildings and places in Kuwait.

20130305_124409 (Medium)The glass was dusty but they said they have it cleaned two times a year but due to dusty weather it gets dirty pretty quickly, they also say that Failaka Island can be easily seen at night. I gotta say that visiting Liberation Tower was such an enjoyable experience but I wish that Baladiye will allow them to open the revolving restaurant.

Note: Mind the pictures quality as I used my phone camera.

20130305_124443 (Medium)

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