Mauritania: ANHRI Demands the Release of the Detainees of the Demonstration of “Rejection” and Denounces Dispersing the Yesterday Demonstrations by Force

Cairo March 28, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the arrest of several number of peaceful activists who gathered in the city of “Nouadhibou” during the peaceful demonstration that was organized by the February 25th movement to protest the power cut. Among them, the activist “El-Ma’loum Weld Obek”. ANHRI also denounces the security forces act of surrounding the demonstration that demands investigating the military leaders and dispersing it by force.

The police forces on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, arrested a number of peaceful activists who gathered in the city “Nouadhibou” at the junction of “Crvor Cinema” in front of the central headquarter of the electricity company, during the demonstration that was organized by the February 25th movement, in protest against the power cuts, and included the activist “El-Ma’loum Weld Obek”.

The February 25th movement, called for a protest on Wednesday morning of March 27, 2013 in front of the power company entitled “ Rejection”.

In a related context, the security forces, in the same day, surrounded the demonstration that was organized by the democratic opposition youth “Mesha’al” in front of the ministry of Defense. They demanded to investigate the military leaders, who are responsible for fall of the military planes instead of promoting them to higher ranking posts. The police forces attacked them and used the high degree of violence in dealing with the protesters through beat, maltreatment and drag.

ANHRI said that “the authorities persist to face all the peaceful assembly, for any purpose, by excessive force against the demonstrators in addition to arresting some of them, which is a serious violations to their right to peaceful demonstration that was ensured by the international treaties and charters. It also reveals the disregard of the authorities to the rights of the citizens in the path to repress any movement against the ruling regime”.

ANHRI demands the immediate release of all the detainees of “Rejection” and open an immediate investigation regarding the incident of assaulting the demonstrators and bring the involved persons to justice.

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