Movie Review: Apartment1303

Going to this movie was an impulse decision. It was the last chance to do something before the end of the February holidays and that movie was available. How bad can it be? A 16+ horror movie, interesting poster, popcorn, diet coke, and no kids in the theatre. A girl who has issues with her mother movies into a haunted apartment 1303 and then the horror begins.

First, the acting is bad. The actors, all of them, are having this prolonged useless conversations that seem really fake. The girl who moves into the apartment can’t convice you that she is scared, she is acting scared yes, but badly. There isn’t much of a story going on either. She lays in bed, surrounded by Ikea merchandise, and the ghost which also isn’t scary hits her and screams at her and whats not. Yada yada yada.

The bad thing about this movie is that its suppoed to be a remake of a Japanese horror movie by the same Japanese guy who made the original Japanese version of The Grudge. When I red the Japanese story it was really good and completely different with at least a story line aside! This remake? In this day and age? Why remake something and remake it badly? And market it for us in 3D format so we’d pay extra and feel absolutely zero difference except perhaps the feelings of boredom at the apartment where time stands still while the ghost almost actually begs people to leave and they just won’t go?

The movie is a flop, period. It should have been one of those tacky straight to video movies, not a 3D remake of a Japanese one shown in theatres. Unless you want to waste your money, don’t bother going to this movie. As for the DVD shelf? I think I’ll be getting the Japanese version and not the “3D remake”.

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