My “Malsoona” Column in Afaq Newspaper


Once upon a time scores of years ago, when I was in student in Kuwait University, I was reading the University’s newspaper “Afaq” when I decided to send in a response or an article. On the next issue, with utter surprise, I saw my article printed and then a request from the editor of Afaq to come to the newspaper urgently.

Surprised, I go to meet with the editor and he tells me he likes my “sarcastic” writing style. He offered me to write an anonymous column under the name “Malsoona” which translates into “The Sharped Tongued One” and write about things that happen in Kuniv in a sarcastic way. I was reluctant at first, I was an second year Engineering student and what if I didn’t have the time? What if I didn’t do a very good job? But I accepted and therefore, for two years from 1999 till 2001, I was the unknown Malsoona of Afaq’s newspaper of Kuwait University.


I was cleaning out the junk in my wardrobes last week when I found the folder with Malsoona’s articles. I haven’t seen or read those in over a decade. I don’t like to read what I write, or even proof read it as I often find it too silly for some reason but this time I read some of the articles and laughed out loud. The days of my writing Malsoona anonymously came back to me.

A handful of people only knew who I was, and when I was done writing the column I told a few more people it was me. One of my fan readers turned out to be my husband but he was a fan since before I’ve met him, that’s good I suppose. I don’t know if I had any more fans back then or even if anybody read it or remembered it, but I remember it and it means a lot to me. I think its time my crazy malsoona with the old lady sharpening her tongue picture to appear on Danderma! Also, finding those newspaper clippings of my column made me realise that I miss writing, badly :(

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