No More Miss Nice Girl ! ;)


Can I get a “YES ” With AN ATTITUDE ;) ” FLIPS HAIR”

We live in a world of  ENVY .. HATE .. EGO .. INSECURE .. SNEAKY.. SHADY .. DISRESPECTFUL .. People , and the negative words can go on and on ;)


Because they know they can get away with it .. or they know that they are dealing with Nice people that won’t say anything but shut up about it .. They know that they will ruin your mood because by nature your just a nice person that  wouldn’t want to cause a scene .

Now You can be the Victim ..and allow them to make you feel miserable for the rest of your life  Or You can stand for your right. which one you choose depends on you !

” The guettoo moment that everyone should have.. You want to watch my back and chase me for the rest of your life till you get what you want “

BRING IT ON !!  ;) CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ! You don’t want to move on and want to cause War .. ill give you a war  with no weapons but my attitude ;)


Very Simple .. If someone complains about you just because they don’t like you and is burning to see you happy and successful  and you know you didn’t do anything wrong.. IGNORE THEM .. let them burn by themselves  from JEALOUSY, FEEL SORRY FOR THEM AND LAUGH IT OFF ;)   .. Some people got issues with them selves , they find your faults and criticize because they don’t have the time  to look at their own life and correct their own mistakes .

If it reaches to disrespect ..You got to talk back and defend yourself or else they will keep doing it .. yes don’t be quiet about it folks or they will keep on trying to ruin your life .. and if you show the ” who the hell do you think you are to interfering with what I do best”  everything you say or do .. and keep on doing .. I will do the exact opposite ;) You don’t control me ..Never gonna happen ! :P

When it comes to anyone who disrespects you , doesn’t give you what you deserve , making you look bad in front of others when you didn’t do anything wrong .. Not give you what you deserve .. or makes you really unhappy in your life .. Leave … Move on .. find your happiness some where else and Please don’t wait any longer.. Don’t sacrifice for others .. think about you and what benefits you most.. whether your a wife .. a mom .. a friend .. etc


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