OSIM Message Equipments Store


Another weekend shopping stop of mine was one at the very end of the Grand Avenues walkway, the recently opened OSIM shop. I’ve seen OSIM message and relaxation products once in a commercial booth in 360 Mall and my husband wanted to try them while I stood by, skeptic and totally not interested but finally caved in and when I did, not only did we leave with a message pad but I went back to get a message belt as well and ever since I’ve literally been glued to my message pad on my chair. Now, OSIM finally opened a store to showcase their products.



When you walk through the doors to the airy shop you will find my favourite message pad waiting for someone to try on the chair. From my experience, its lightweight and very portable. We’ve used it on our car seats and we move it around the different chairs at home and its absolutely amazing especially the shiatsu back message. Highly recommended and worth every KD.


My husband has his heart set on one of the foot massagers. He’s been trying them for over a year now and has yet to make up his mind. He tried it again yesterday and loved it. The idea of putting my feet in a place I cannot see creeps me out so I don’t know how it feels but he says its very good.


There are smaller equipments to message everything, from your tired eyes to your temples and back and shoulder, the works! All very light and portable for say your car or on a plane.



There are also the big message chairs, two of which are inside a makeshift living room in the back of the store.




I saw this little device that produces soothing sounds to get you to relax or go to sleep. You can time the sound to play for 30, 60, or 90 minutes and you can plug in your headphones. When I passed by it was playing the sound of waves breaking on a sea shore.


I know there are smart phone apps that produces the same sound, wallah I know. But I have trouble keeping my iPhone batter up as it is and I usually use mine as an alarm clock so I don’t want to use it to produce relaxing sounds. Therefore, I bought myself a treat to battle my insomnia and help me relax before I go to sleep.


I might review my new toy after using it for a few days and seeing how affective it is. OSIM products would make a great gift for someone with muscle pains or working a lot and would love a bit of relief. Their design is sleek and compact, and most importantly they work! They are located in The Avenues mall at the very end of the Grand Avenues Walkway right below the big screen. You can check the range of their products from their website (link). 

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