Palestine: ANHRI Denounces Targeting a Photographer by the Occupation Forces

Cairo March 6, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces today  targeting one of the journalistic photographers who were assigned to cover the clashes between the Palestinian demonstrators and the occupation troops in front of “Oufr” prison near by the city of Ramallah

The occupation forces targeted the journalist “Jihad El-Qadi”, the journalistic photographer, on Friday March 1, 2013 during covering the clashes broke out between the occupation forces and Palestinian demonstrators in front of Oufr prison, which resulted in an injury in the abdomen, which led to serious injuries in colon and spleen. It also resulted in a slight wound in the liver and bruises in the chest lower chest bone, which put his life into risk. He has gone under emergency operation for 4 and half hours and the doctors eradication of a portion of the colon.

ANHRI said “targeting the journalists and photographers by the journalists is a serious violation to the freedom of access to information as well as a serious violation to the basic human rights that were provided in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. As in article no. 19 of the same it provided the right of every person to freedom of expression and this right include the right express your views without intervention in addition to elicit the news and intellectuals and broadcast it without the geographical restrictions”.

ANHRI added “the friendly countries of Israel must press it in order to stop prosecuting the journalists and correspondents who are assigned to cover events, in addition to guarantee their right to access to information and safety and not harass them”.

ANHRI demands that Israel must incur all the medications expenses for the photographer and draft laws criminalize the assault on journalists and targeting them by ammunition.

ANHRI demands an immediate investigation in the assault against the journalist and to bring the involved persons before the criminal court. ANHRI demands a fact finding committee to inspect the cases of targeting the journalists by the Israeli occupation. This committee must include the international and regional civil society organizations and representatives from the Unite Nations to document these violations.

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