Palestine: Misarah Abu-Hamdiah, the Palestine Prisoner Dies in the Israeli Prisons

Cairo April 3, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), holds the criminal responsibility on Israel regarding the death the Palestinian prisoner “Misarah” in his detention in one of the Israeli prisons, although the deterioration of his health on the background of injuries of cancer and the Israeli authorities refused releasing him or providing medical care for him.

On Yesterday April 2, 2013, the Palestinian prisoner “Misarah” died in the hospital of “Sorokwa”, when the authorities answered the international calls regarding the necessity to release him after being sick with cancer. He went to the hospital very late; at the time when his condition became very serious and can’t be cured; that what Israel meant. But more than that and in a scene that expresses the brute sadism when they leg and hand-cuffed him which led which resulted in a state of agitation, rebellion and on hunger strike in the Israeli prisons as all the prisoners have participated in which were fueled by the authorities of raising the maximum alert and the huge deploying  the security forces.

His death led to several clashes between the Palestinian demonstrators and the Israel occupation in Bab El-Zawaia in the middle of Hebron city. After the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) called for comprehensive and general strike in the city on the yesterday morning. Several Palestinian youth took to the streets in the protesters to “Ben Roushed” house to answer the call of the Palestinian prisoners club.

It is worthy to be mentioned, the martyrs of the Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli prisoners who reached 204 martyrs, but regarding the rest many of them suffer from dangerous risk. Likely, some of them will die in the short range, as among them 12 prisoners who are sick with cancer in addition to Kidney failure, pressure and diabetic that the authorities leave them without providing medical care to them until the sickness went deep into their body and it is hard to be cured.

ANHRI said that “the Israeli authorities acts is a serious violation to the basic human rights through harassing the opposition and peaceful demonstrators; sending them to prison until they became very sick in addition to not guaranteeing their right to access to medical care during the period of their arrest”.

ANHRI demands from the international society to conduct an immediate investigation in the events of the death the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons and the Israeli intransigence regarding obtaining their right in medical care. ANHRI holds demands from Israel to bear the criminal responsibility and force them to present the involved persons in the event, to punish them and compensate their families.


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