Palestine: Occupation Forces Repress the Soldiery Marches with the Prisoners by Live and Rubber Ammunition and Arrest Tens of them

Cairo February 25, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information strongly denounces the use of excessive force by the occupation army and wound several Palestinian demonstrators and photographers by live and rubber ammunition, during the marches that took place in the areas of the occupied west bank in solidarity with the prisoners, particularly, as who are in a hunger strike.

The occupation forces aimed live and rubber ammunition on the Palestinian demonstrators in front of “Oufar” military prison, on Friday February 15, 2013, which led to tens of injuries by rubber and live ammunition. The occupation forces dispersed the demonstrators of Quds who are in solidarity with the prisoner “Samer El-Essawy” by sound bombs and rubber bullets, as seven of the demonstrators were wounded by the live bullets and then they were sent to the hospital. The use of the excessive force to repress the demonstrators in the prison of “El-Jelmah” near by Jenin which led the wound of four Palestinians. The occupation forces arrested ten persons, in addition to the injuries to tens of suffocations due to the tear gas bombs.

ANHRI said that “the assault conducted by the occupation authorities on the peaceful demonstrators, is a serious violation to all the standards of the international treaties, which guarantees the freedom of expression and peaceful assembly”.

ANHRI added that “the arbitrary arrest that were conducted by the occupation forces against the Palestinian people, is a serious violation to all the adopted legal norms, as the people who are held in custody must review the reasons of holding them and providing agents to defend them. In addition to determining a legal duration for their arrest and guarantee fair and integrate trial, in which all the above conditions, must be provided in this context”.

ANHRI demands the authorities to immediately release all the detainees and hold them responsible for conditions of the inured and stop harassing the peaceful marches.


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