Press Conference to Announce the Report of ANHRI: Internet in the Arab World “Square and Keyboard”

Cairo Februray 23, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) holds on Monday February 25, 2013 a press conference on 11:00 am to announce the fourth report on the internet in the Arab world which entitled “Square and Keyboard”, which address the internet status in 19 Arab countries during the period between 2009 and 2012. In addition to the significant role that the internet played whether in covering the Arab revolutions or calling for it.

The 250 pages report, deals with the position of the Arab governments from the freedom of internet usage and how these freedoms were affected by the Arab spring revolutions. In addition to how the Arab activists, in particularly, the social networks and how the Arab governments dealt with it and with the Internet users; about 103 Arab users.

The report revealed that the number of Facebook users in the Arab world is 43 milion users most of them are in Egypt; about 11 million user until 2012. The highest percentage of Facebook user is in Iraq as it is 100% of the internet users about 1.5 million. The number of twitter users reached 1.5 million users most of them in Bahrain; 160 thousands user about 22% of the internet users in the state. The highest number of users are in Egypt and Saudi-Arabia about 400 thousands users.

The report reveals that Kuwait, became the highest country in the prosecutions related to twitter users, not in the Arab world only but in the world. The Saudi-Government continued on the head of the list to the most hostile countries and internet blocking in the Arab world.

The mobile phone lines became more than 270 milion, most of them are in Egypt about 92 milion lines. UAE headed the list of the countries related to the mobile users in comparison with  the number of the residents; as the phone lines number are 11.9 milion lines in a country in which 8.2 milion people.

ANHRI said that “the Arab revolutions didn’t end yet and the demands, related to social justice, of the ambitious revolutionaries didn’t met yet. Therefore, most of the governments still hostile the internet in the transition and spirit to change. Most of the these governments move anticlockwise and cut the internet in a country or prosecute the internet activists, in particularly Facebook and twitter activists. But the intenet role is still appreciated in supporting the freedoms. It became an effective tool and its role is known to everyone who asks for its support, whether in home, office, care, metro, coffee shop, restaurant, square or in the street and squares; whether Tahrir, Pearl Square or others became a long side with the internet”
Event: Press Conference to Announce the Report on Internet in the Arab World “Square and Keyboard” in Cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation fro Freedom.

 Period covered by the report : December 2009 – June 2012

 Time: 11:00 am

 Date: Monday 25, 2012 February

Venue: The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information head quarter in 2 behlar passage off qasr el-Nile street- Talaat Harab Square- downtown- fifth floor

Copies of the report in Arabic will be provided during the press conference in addition to electronic copies in the reports and studies sections, on the following link:

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