Proud to be Kuwaiti’s VIP Opening Night – Part 2


Continuing the second part of my visit to the Proud to be Kuwaiti (P2bK) village VIP night from this (post). When I finally tore myself -and my lens- away from the striking village buildings and decor, I decided to check the participants out.


I left out all the big companies because and decided to concentrate on the smaller businesses. First stop was the booth of the artist Basma Al-Saeed whom I’ve met before in The Dark Room restaurant (post). She was displaying her art talent but I didn’t have time to say a proper hello for people kept coming into the booth to say hello.



Next stop, Patla Florists. I have to say that for a newly opened flower business, they are very active and their flower arrangements are very tasteful and modern. I’ve reviewed them in my blog before (post). Best of luck girls! I wanted to stay longer but it was getting too crowded. IMG_9807-1-2


Next stop, a booth by a group of young Kuwaitis with the nam Q8 Cosplayers. They were all dressed up in costumes like Harry Potter for example and it had all these Japanese signs and lanterns. I waited to get closer and take better pictures, inquire what they did exactly, but there was a very big group of guys huddled at the doorway whenever I went by.  I only managed to get a shot of this sign.


Nearby, there was a production company and a very good loud happy group of people dancing. Can you see the dancing ghost-like guy in the middle? It was very fun .


Nearby, there was a camel! I’ve never been so close to a camel before in my life. The dude is huge and intimidating.


He, by the way, wasn’t very happy about the dancers nearby. He kept staring at them, obviously disturbed.


Next stop, Pieces by Farah! If you follow my blog, you will know how much I adore PbF (post) (post) and I almost have the entire collection of home accessories! It was nice meeting you in person Farah, keep up the good work :)


The guys from Ezgrt were there too. They sell phone and laptop skins and hardcases, holders, bags, and much more.



They also have a new card game, Al-Soor Game, that will be available for sale soon and have just been released. Best of luck Ezgrt!


Next stop, The 99! The 99 are a group of superheros created by Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa and basic on Islamic & Arabic culture. They have comics, a movie, animated series, and a theme park! It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday Dr. Naif, keep up the good work.



I passed by CircusBC, the innovative design and branding company behind the P2BK designs this year. A few days back they’ve sent up a mask with an invitation card and told us to pass by their booth to participate in the “Surprise”. I passed by several times but each time it was insanely crowded with people taking pictures and wearing the masks so I couldn’t make it. Sorry guys!


Next stop, the Hail and Saffron booth. I love Hail and Saffron and I’m a loyal customer. They sell tins and trays of bite sized traditional Kuwaiti desserts like Gers Ogili Cake, Samsamiya, Ghoraiba, Rahash, Darabeel, and more. I never get on a plane without little tins of their sweets for me to consume and to give away to friends. This year they have colourful new tins with different writings and designs on their lids.


I was passing by a booth when I saw this T-Shirt, I think it was from Boutike Casual Chic. Nice!


More wall art from around the village.



Am I finished yet? I think I have one or two more posts before I’m done! So stay tuned!

The Proud to be Kuwaiti village will be open to the public starting today 6 March 2013 at 10 A.M. which is around an hour away. The village will stay open for two weeks from 10 A.M. till 10 P. M. For more information and pictures you can check P2BK’s website (link), facebook page (link), Twitter (@P2bKuwaiti) or Instagram (@P2BKuwaiti).

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