Proud to be Kuwaiti’s VIP Opening Night – Part 3


Continuing the third part of my visit to the Proud to be Kuwaiti (P2bK) village VIP night from parts (one) and (two). I’m covering more of my favourite booths in the exhibition. I stopped by Addoy’s Sugar booth, quite striking in rainbow shades of box after box of sugars in every size, shape, and flavour imaginable.


If you are looking for the perfect partner for your tea cup in a gathering or a reception, look no further. There are even little tubes filled with coloured sugar and topped with a jewelled stopper! Addoy’s Sugar, I’m impressed! Keep up the good work :)



Next booth was Jamrat Ghadha, a new business selling modern “dowwa” traditionaly a coal burner used in the winter for warmth, making tea, or cooking delicious things like chestnuts.  JG’s dowwa can however be used with both coal or candles which means its suitable for both winter and summer time usage in Kuwait.



Jamrat Ghadha‘s dowwa is sleek, modern, compact, and very easy to clean and use. I can totally see myself hosting a gathering or a reception and using it to serve coal tea. It comes in many vibrant colours, something unusual for traditional dowwas, and you can also customise your very own dowwa too by order. Good luck Jamrat Ghadha, keep up the good work!



On my way to a different section of the village I noticed these big white futuristic domes. I came closer, only to find they were actually tent-like and very nice! There were many of them scattered around the village and each was furnished differently. This one for example had chandeliers! This is perfect for, say, a big garden or a rooftop. A cross between a tent and a glass house. Very cool.


More pictures from around the village while walking around. See the domes in the distance?



Next, the Baraka designs booth by the talented Salah Zamani. I reviewed his work a while back (post) and I was still impressed by his latest design, the couch with the accessories sewed on the cushions. Gorgeous! Keep up the good work Salah!




Last but not least, one of the most creative booths around the P2BK village, The Fortune Cookie Booth! So traditional, so retro, so colourful, so wacky, and so much fun!


Those are packaged sugars by the way. Yes they are in the shape of KDD ice creams. Where do you find these things Areej? Keep up the good work girl!




While walking I saw these cartoon boards! You can take pictures with cartoon version of the favorite oldies like 7saino, 3alqam, Agra3 mogaira3, Khalty Gmasha, and more! It took forever until I got two semi-decent shots. People were happily exclaiming and taking pictures with every character!



Last but not least, we had to sit down for something to eat and get some energy so we headed to the restaurants section with plenty of options to choose from.



The girls settled on the Kuwaiti Chef Shawarma where skewers of grilled mean and chicken shawarmas were being prepared into sandwiches by three Kuwaiti guys. There was a very long queue for the shawarmas and from what I saw this was the most popular booth in the food section for sure.



And that concludes my coverage of the P2BK village! I am planning to go back for sure during day light and take my time at each and every booth. It is truly worth the visit! The Proud to be Kuwaiti village will be open to the public starting today 6 March 2013 and will stay open for two weeks from 10 A.M. till 10 P. M. For more information and pictures you can check P2BK’s website (link), facebook page (link), Twitter (@P2bKuwaiti) or Instagram (@P2BKuwaiti).

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