Saudi-Arabia: ANHRI Holds the Regime Criminally Responsible Regarding the Exposure of “Khader El-Marhoun” life to Risk

Cairo April 4, 2013
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the arrest of the economic writer and analyst “Khader El-Marhoun” from his place of work by the authorities without declaring the reasons behind the arrest. ANHRI demands declaring the place and the reasons behind his arrest and holds the regime criminally responsible regarding the exposure of his life to risk.
The Security Forces, on Sunday March 31, 2013, arrested the economic writer and analyst “El-Marhoun” (Shiite) from his place of work in the middle of the capital “Riyadh” without declaring the reasons of arrest before they storm his house and inspect it in addition to confiscate some of the family belongings among them the Lab Top of his daughter.
He writes in a number of local and Arab newspapers such as “Economic and Middle-East Newspapers” and he is a member of the Saudi Management Association. He was arrested to coincide with the arrest campaign that was established by the regime against some persons that the regime pressed the charges of spying with foreign entities on them. The detainees belongs to the Shiite faction.
Moreover, the regime banned number of Shiite religious scholars and Human Rights from traveling on the background of issuing a press release to denounce the recent arrest campaign and the malicious charges pressed on the group who were arrested on charges of spying. Among who were banned from traveling; “Shiekh Ghazi El-Shabib, the Lawyer Abdulrahim bou Khamis and Mr. Saqek El-Ramdan”. Some news reported regarding the issuance of orders to ban the travel of “Shiekh Mohamed El-Abeedan and Shiekh Hidar Al Saaid”.
ANHRI said that  “The continuation of targeting the activists, religious scholars and intellectuals who belong to Shiite faction by the authorities and the continuation of the violations against Eastern Side, of Shiite majority, are serious and clear violation to the international treaty on ending all forms of racial discrimination, that was ratified by Saudi-Arabia in 1997″.
ANHRI added that, “banning the activists from traveling is a serious violation to the right of the citizens to movement and travel between the states as long as there is no legal boundaries that can ban them. This rights was ensured by all the international treaties and charters as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provided in article no. 13 that everyone has the right to movement and to choose the place of residence within the borders of the State and everyone has the right to leave any State including his own State and to return back to it”.
ANHRI Demands the immediate release of the writer and to ensure his safety.
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