Saudi Arabia: Saudi regime must halt the continued violations against the families of the detainees

Cairo February 28, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounces the arrest of women and children on the dawn of February 27, 2013 during their protest in front of “Bredah” prison to demand the release of their relatives in Saudi’s prisons without charges or trials for years.

The security forces arrested more than 50 women and children after their participation in a protest continued for 48 hours in “Bredah” in “Qasim” to demand the release of their relatives who are in prisons for years without trials, as the policemen on the dawn of February 28, 2013, arrested and forced them to get in the police vehicles, where they were transferred to “El-Safarah” prison in Bridah.

On Monday 25 of February, a huge number of women and children begin a protest in front of “Bredah” prison calling for the release of their relatives. They have burned the picture of the minister of interior and the policemen harassed them by confiscating the banners and microphones, in addition to the arrest of some men who were providing them with water and food.

As a result of the above mentioned, a group of men being their protest in front of the prison in order to release the women and the news flowed regarding the attempts of the security forces to disperse the protest.

It is not the first time, that the authorities arrest women and children, as in this February, the authorities have arrested many women and children; which repeated during the months of November and December 2012.

ANHRI said that “the repeated arrest of the women by the authorities due to demanding the release of their relatives, who are imprisoned for years without trials or charges, is persistence in the series of harassments committed by the authorities against the detainees to push them to demanding for the release of the detainees”.

ANHRI added that the advising system that is adopted by the authorities with the defendants, does not give the authorities the right to arrest them for periods exceeded the ten years since the being of advising them.

ANHRI demands the immediate release of women and children and guarantee their safety.

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