Somalia: ANHRI Denounces Harassing the Opposition and Harassing them

Cairo March 14, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), expresses its severe resentment regarding the arrest campaign established by the youth movement from time to time against the Holy Quran teachers in Helgan area on the background of refusing to recruitment of child and upbringing them on the concepts and beliefs of the youth movement.

On Friday March 8, 2013, the Youth Movement had arrested 8 of the teachers who are educating the holy Quran due to forming a local administration in the country that contradict with the laws of the movement but the movement released them after two days of arrest.

It is worthy to be noted, that this is not the first time that the Movement deliberately maltreated the teachers of the Holy Quran as they refused to recruit their students and upbringing them on the concepts and beliefs of the Youth Movement based upon severe warnings from the people of the students, which the was clearly said by the people. They have also strongly denounced arresting the teachers this time which make the leaders of the movement to release the detained teachers.

It is interesting to note that the people criticized and opposed the Youth Movement due to the regression of their presence in the area along with their bad reputation as a result of their desire to recruit the children and turned them to be fighters with them in addition to maltreated their opposition in particularly as the Movement history full with kidnapping attempts and forcing them to fight in the front lines. In addition to their attempt to kidnap the children from Mogadishu and recruit them which led to the decreasing of the numbers of the students in the schools and the members of the movement didn’t stop their threatens to who disagree with them as they have called the Movement to stop such adopting methodology.

ANHRI said that “the exercises of the Movement is an intellectual intimidation of the citizens and it is a serious violation to the right to freedom of expression and adoption to specific opinions and avoid others, which is a serious violation to basic human rights”.

ANHRI Demands from the government to guarantee the freedom of expression and stop against the Youth Movement in addition to stop maltreat the citizens and to stop restricting the rights and basic freedoms.

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