Spring in Kuwait Means: Butterflies Everywhere!


For the past few days I’ve been seeing swarms of butterflies everywhere! The distinctive orange and black butterfly we get to see in Kuwait is big and fluttery and a tad reckless for it keeps running head first into my car’s windsheild and splattering against my window while I’m driving! I’m usually afraid of butterflies (and all other insects) but I wanted to take a picture of the butterfly because I realized that when it appears, it means spring is here!


When I arrived home a few days ago I saw a lone butterfly buzzing around our parking area so I decided to overcome my fear of Butterflies and photograph it. It wasn’t easy at all and she kept fluttering away and flying towards me but I did get this one semi-decent shot below.


When I was done I realized that in Kuwait we do feel spring after all! Spring in here is short, warm, cloudy, breezy, and filled with butterflies dancing around everywhere landing on the nowwair flowers! Spring is beautiful, and it has arrived!

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