Suadi-Arabia: ANHRI Denounces the Security Forces Raid on the “El-Awamiaya” Town and the Random Shootings

Cairo February 20, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the raid by the security forces on “El-Awamiaya” in the eastern region and shooting the houses randomly which intimidated the residents.

The emergency and special forces supported by 40 armors and 4X4 cars and tens of security men, have invaded the “El-Awamiaya” in the governorate of Qatif in the eastern region on allegations of chasing the 23 wanted on the security list on the background of their participation in the popular protests that took place in the eastern region in 2011. The security forces have surrounded the entrances and exits of the town. The security forces banned the people from going to their work and directed the arms toward the passers whether men, women or children in order to intimidate them.

The security forces also invaded residential neighborhood of “El-Gamimah” and started shootings randomly. They have also invaded three houses from the houses of the wanted 23 list announced by the ministry of interior in 2012; Morsi El-Rabeh, Fadel El-Sawfani and Mohamed Issa El-Lebad” and the forces failed to arrest them.

ANHRI said that “the authorities invasion to “El-Awamiaya” and shootings randomly in addition to intimidating the residents on allegations of chasing three wanted on the 23 list, which include the prominent activists and youth who played a clear role in the protests that took place in the eastern region during the past time, are a clear attempt from the authorities to intimidate the people of the eastern region and to get rid of the activists as the forces have killed some of the activist by the same method in the light of the shameful silence of several countries that allegedly support democracy and freedom due to their economic ties with the regime”.

ANHRI called all the countries and international and regional organizations to reveal the blatant violations committed by the regime against the people, in addition to urge the regime to change its repressive policy against the people and bring all the involved persons in such violations to international trials as crimes against humanity.

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