UAE: ANHRI Demands from the Authorities to Provide the Fair Trial conditions for 94 Detainees

Cairo March 10, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), expresses its strong denunciations related to the authorities committing the violations against the list of 94 detainees which started on March 4 after huge legal violations that committed during the period detention.

The High Federal Court, on March 4, 2013, started the first hearing of the 94 detainees; most of them from the call for reform and among them 13 women, who mostly are from the significant educationalists, media-professionals, lawyers, judges and professors. The prosecution pressed on them the charges of overthrow the regime. The first hearing witnessed several violations against the detainees in addition to other rights’ violations that violate the basic guarantees of the due process as the detainees were brought to the court from their solitary confinement while they are blindfolded as they met each other for the first time since March 2010. In addition to, the arrest of two from the families of the detainees, as they brought the pictures of their relatives before releasing them in the same days after they pledged of not repeating that. The human rights observers were denied entry to Bahrain, although the trial was in public, the lawyer and the human rights’ activist “Ahmed El-Neshmi” were banned from entering UAE to attend the hearing of the trial.

In a persistence of the violations against the detainees, they were transferred to very confidential, despite the decision of the court to confine the consultants “Ali El-Kandi”, “Khamis El-Sam” and “Mohamed Ziab El-Abdouli” in the places allocated for the members of the judiciary authorities. The court decided to continue the confinement of the rest of the reformists in their allocated places by the law. The court decided to refer “Khamis El-Sam”, “Abdulsalam Darwish”, “Ibrahim El-Esai” and “Adnan Galafar” to be presented to doctors with the continuation of the release of the female defendants.

ANHRI said that “the security authorities persistence of violations against the detainees and not implementing the decision of the court, arouse concerns related to the detainees and it proves the regime desire to politicize the trial in order to silence the opposition”.

ANHRI demands from the authorities to respect the sentences of the law in addition to implementing it. ANHRI demands from the authorities to allow the observers to attend the hearing and not harassing them.
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