UAE: ANHRI Demands the Authorities to Allow the Lawyer “Kumaiti” to Communicate with his Clients

Cairo April, 8, 2013
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the authorities intransigence regarding the 94 UAE dissents who languished in the jails until the end of the trial in which they are accused of plotting to overthrow the regime.
“Alwathbah” prison’s administration had, for the second week, prevented the rights’ lawyer “Abdulhamid Kumaiti” from visiting his clients “Dr. Mohamed El-Roken”, the lawyer and the rights’ activist and “Dr. Mansouri” and “Salem Hamdoun El-Shehi” the rights’ lawyer. The administration denied the visit on allegations of not receiving the decision of the prosecution who asserted that they have sent it. At the end the lawyer failed to communicate and contact his clients and he was not allowed to visit any of his clients in the other prisons as well.
The authorities violations to the rights of the detainees persist to ban all the lawyers from contacting and communicating with their lawyers via phone calls. They are only allowed for three minutes phone call twice a week. The authorities prevent “Dr. Sultan Ben Kayed El-Qasimi” and “Hamd El-Raqit”, who languished in “Sadr” prison from making any phone calls with their families or lawyers.
The detainees’ families posted on social networks that the administration of “Wathbah” prison, prevented the detainees from fasting so they do not gather in the break fast.
ANHRI said: “the persistent intransigence of the authorities in dealing with the detainees and the deprive them from communicating with their lawyers, are a serious violation all the international laws and treaties. The lawyer has the right to contact and communicate with his clients throughout the investigations and the trial”.
ANHRI added that “preventing Kumaiti from communicating with his clients and harassing the detainees and their families, prove the authorities desire to politicize the trial and their desire to cover the violations committed against the detainees in their prisons”.
ANHRI demands the authorities to allow the lawyer to communicate with them and to allow him perform his job without harassments.
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