UAE: ANHRI Demands to Drop all the Charges Pressed on the 94 Detainees and Re-Investigate Under the Supervision of International Investigation Team

Cairo March 17, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), expresses its grave concerns regarding the charges of overthrow the regime in the light of the a trial free from the basic rules to ensure justices in terms of the content while the authorities are trying to confer the form characteristics to such rules.

The High Federal Court, on March 11, 2013, pressed the charges of establishing and administrating that anti-principles of the regime and seek to size the power. The court started the trial regardless the state security body violations to the decision issued in the first hearing of detaining the detainees in the appropriate prisons but the department of security detained them in secret places before they were all transferred in March 10 (the night of holding the hearing) to three prisons (Wathbah, Sadr and Razeen). Then the court pressed the charges to 12 defendants who were arrested in the beginning of March 2013, and they pleaded not guilty. Some of them described the questions of the investigations of the public prosecutions by pettiness and they have added that the investigations were limited to only 4 questions. And there wasn’t any convincing evidence presented to them especially that they were going to their jobs on daily basis  until February 28.  As the public prosecution describes them as fugitives and wanted to be arrested while most of them were going to the state security prosecution and the high federal court and they were in all the public places. For example, “Fahad El-Hagry” was going to the public prosecution weekly to ask about his detained brother. In addition to Khaled Fadl who was going daily to his work and use the electronic signature system “electronic finger print” and Ismail El-Hosni who wer honored by the UAE ministry of eduction days before being arrested.

During the hearing the six of the reformists requested to held their hearing in camera, which the court respond to it and it was held for 45 minutes in which they have denied all the criminal charges while they have assert on that there is only an administrative cooperation that could be reached organization and they have mentioned all the violations happened to them during the period of arrest.

The hearing witnessed several violations by the security bodies; the security bodies prevented some of the detainees from attending on the background of they have shacked hands with the detainees in the previous hearing. The attendees were banned from shaking hands with the detainees. Then some of the attendees were kicked out without reasons and preventing some of the international observers and media-professionals from attending the hearing. In addition to the rejection to give the defendants’ lawyers a copy of the reports and they were allowed to review them. It is noteworthy that this hearing a law office asked to withdraw from the panel of defending the detainees.

At the end of the hearing the court decided to adjourn the case to the hearings of 18 and 19 of March for notifying two of the reformists who are out of UAE and discussing and hearing the prosecution witnesses in addition to enable all the reformists to be medically examined and receive treatment.

ANHRI said that “the investigations’ process in this case and the violations regarding arresting and detaining the defendants, which recently arresting 12 defendants before the start of the trial just days before the trials and allegations that they were fugitives, in a clear method to complete the number of the 94 detainees that the public prosecutor announced referring them to the court in last January 27! then the path of the court panel to address the case during the last two hearings and its clear selective methodology in responding to some request made by the lawyers of the defendants and rejections other although the legitimately of such requests that can be implemented. More significant ignoring the non-binding of the security bodies to the orders issued before and the contradiction of what is written the prosecution’s reports. All of the above arouse the concerns regarding the destiny of the defendants and it indicates that the court is free from from the content from the justices guarantees that should be provided in the trial, which demonstrates the politicizing the trial and using them as a tool to achieve the targets of the regime which represents in imprisoning a group of the highly impacted oppositions”.

ANHRI demands the necessity on dropping all the charges pressed on the defendants as such charges were  pressed in the frame of a clear defect. ANHRI demands from the authorities to present a clear justifications to press any new charges in the frame of re-investigations with the provision of all the legal guarantees in addition allow that such investigations must be supervised by the human rights and legal committees to provide the transparency and to exclude the suspicion of politicizing the case and direct it to severe the interests of the regime.

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