UAE: The Authorities Arrest Number of Activists, Hours Before the Mockery Trial of 94 Detainees

Cairo March 3, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the arrest of some of the citizens without specific charges by the authorities.

The security forces established wide arrest campaign included 6 persons from the activists and rights advocates, since the night of Friday March 1, 2013, until the night of March 2. Such campaign established days before the mockery trial of the 94 defendant, who are accused of plaining to overthrow the regime. Fahad El-Hagry, Adel-Zar’oni, Khaled Fadel El-Swidid, Ismail El-Howasni in addition to the arrest of Dr. Ahmed Saleh El-Hamdai.

The new arrests come in the list of the activists who signed the petition of the reform in UAE in March 2011, in order to press the the call for reform association to leave the demands related to political and social reforms in addition to intimidate the citizens who are in solidarity with the detainees.

ANHRI said that “the UAE arrest to new activists without specific charges after the arrest of some of the Egyptian citizens in UAE and accuse them of plaining to overthrow the regime, to be added to the list of the detainees in the UAE prisons that crossed 80 detainees, prove the regime desire to repress the opposition voices and distort their image through the media campaign established by the media-outlets that are affiliated to the regime against the detainees in order to make them lose the people’s support and sympathy”.

ANHRI demands the immediate release of the detainees or pressing specific charges on them and to bring them before due fair trial.
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