UAE: The authorities violate the academic freedom and became a reason to cancel a conference on the Arab Spring in the UAE

Cairo February 26, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the authorities intransigences with a research group in London university for economy and restrict the scientific materials that should have presented in the conference that should have been held in February 24, 2013, on the Arab spring.

The UAE authorities “Christian Cotis Oulrichesn” a university visitor lecturer who was denied any entry when he arrived the country to participate in the conference, which was held under the title “Middle East: the transition in the Arab world”, in which he will speak about “the international dimensions of the protests in Bahrain”. The Emirati authorities had requested from the conference organizer to delete any discussions about Bahrain from the conference program. “Christian Cotis Oulrichesn”, had published several articles criticizing the government of Bahrain in dealing with the mass protests that erupted in 2011.

The university of London for Economy, announced on February 23 of canceling the conference that will be held in UAE in cooperation with the American university in Sharajah to answer the authorities restrictions that were imposed by the authorities on the intellectual and scientific content of the conference.

This is not the first time that UAE authorities interfere in academic freedom as the authorities in August 2012 end the work of Matt J Duffy, an assistant professor, in the Department of Communication at Zayed University in UAE Abu Dhabi, on the background of his criticism of the media during his explanation of the lectures on the international law to the media, which greatly differe from UAE media laws.

ANHRI said that “the intervention of the UAE authorities in determining the intellectual content and the scientific materials that are presented in the context of an academic conference is a clear violation to to the academic freedom and clear evidence of the regime hostility to all freedoms and frank solidarity with the Bahraini regime who repress the freedoms of its people”.

ANHRI demands the UAE regime to respect the freedom of expression and academic freedoms.

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