“Welad El-Balad” is an Annual Award Established by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information of 50.000 EGP, for Individuals or Groups who Dreamed of Change and have Sought to Achieve it

Cairo March 16, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), announces opening the door for nomination for “Welad El-Balad” award as the first award to be established by a civil society organization. The award is presented to an individual, a group, a young guy, a young woman, a woman or a man who dreamed of change and have sought to achieve it, to who determined an a objective and braved the circumstances, to who have made or making a difference in the life of their local society and in the map of their human space.

The award is ANHRI’s initiative to support the efforts and the initiatives of the female/male citizens in Egypt and individuals or groups in the social, artistic, cultural or Democratic fields, whether such initiatives were accomplished and made an impact or they still going on, which are promising to make a simple impact in the life of the local society whether in a neighborhood, village or a city level or on the level of the Egyptian society, and need the financial and moral support.

The value of the award is funded by the allocation of a part of the value of the award “defending the human dignity” which was granted to the executive director of the ANHRI 2011, by a foundation carries the same name in Germany. The rest of value of the award of “Human Dignity” is allocated to the initiative of “Public Dignity Libraries in the Popular Districts” and establishing some law offices to defend the freedom of expression in the Arab world.

The nomination will start “Welad El-Balad” on March 15 from every year and the nomination door will be closed on April 15 and the winner will be honored and receive the award in a ceremony on June 2 every year.

The Jury of the Award includes seven Egyptian public figures who enjoy the creditability, who are in alphabetical order:

1 – Mr. Ahmed Gharbeeh

2 – Mr. Bilal Fadl

3 – Dr. Khaled Fahmy

4 – Mr. Khaled Mansour

5 – Mr. Azza Suleiman

6 – Mr. Manal Maher

7 – Dr. Heba Raouf

To obtain the nomination form and more information related to the award, kindly click on the following link: Welad El-Balad Award 

To communicate with the executive body: 

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