What Can You Buy with a 10 Fils Coin?

IMG_0793-1A year or so ago when I did the “What can you buy with a 5 fils coin” (post) I thought that the 5 fils were the only coins you couldn’t use on their own to purchase something in Kuwait and you had to at least have 10 fils to buy something. Then I went looking around for something to buy for 10 fils and here is a list of things you can buy with a 10 fils coin:

  1. Photocopy one page in a student centre in Kuwait city. That’s a very cheap centre by the way.
  2. The price of minutes in a phone call made by a cell phone according to a telecom company’s package.


Not even a piece of bubble gum is worth 10 fils! I couldn’t even find a stamp, or a any other service, or a lousy SMS! The 10 fils is as worthless on its own, I repeat, on its own, unless you group it with another coins to make a bigger value. Why then do we have a wallet full of coins that have no actual purchase values? Why have a five fils coins when we can’t find a thing to buy for ten fils coin, let alone five? I wonder if the little coins are made of gold though.

So, my dear readers, do you know of anything you can buy with ONE 10 fils coin, on its own, in Kuwait, without having to group it with any other coin? If you do please share.

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