Yemen: Yemeni Forces Kill a Citizen and Wound Others in an Attempt to End a Civil Disobedience by Force

Cairo February 25, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the use of the excessive force by the security forces in dealing with the protesters in the southern area in Yemen, in an attempt to end the civil disobedience that was started by residents of the southern area.

The security forces tried to end the civil disobedience that took place in the seven directorates of Eden on Saturday February 23, 2013, to protest on the wound of several activists from the southern movement and arrest other on Thursday 21, 2013, during the peaceful demonstrations to demand for the separation of the southern area of Yemen from the State of Yemen.

The forces used live ammunition and armor vehicles in an attempt to disperse the civil disobedience, which resulted in several injuries among the citizens in some areas from the south. In addition to the flow of news reported that three were killed during these attempts in which the army forces were involved in an attempt to open the roads that were blocked by the citizens. In addition to the arrest of several activist from the southern movement.

ANHRI said that “the use of the excessive force by the security forces of Yemen that supported by the army in dealing with the protesters. In addition to the attempt to end the the civil  disobedience by forces, are clear violations to the freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration, which was guaranteed by all the international treaties and charters”.

ANHRI added that the attempt of the Yemeni authorities to deal with the crisis, but it will worsen the situation as the security solutions proved its failure to deal with all the tyrant regimes that tried to repress the opposition by the use of violence.

ANHRI demands the authorities to respect the freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration in addition to immediately release all the detainees on the background of these events.

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